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Authentication on Card
---Card Owner Verification by Fingerprint

"For Safe and Secure Life" is our corporate mission. In today's society, there are so many ID cards and credit/debit cards that we use every day. But unfortunately, advances in the technology of card security have not kept up with the expanding usage of the cards.

A smartcard equipped with biometric fingerprint authentication is the ultimate countermeasure against ID theft.

Our biometric smartcard, which has all the functions required for fingerprint verification within the card itself, is called Auth On Card™.

We have developed critical components and algorithms for Auth On Card.

Auth On Card photo

Auth On Card photo

Auth On CardTM
Equipped with Fingerprint Area Sensor FPTS.

The fingerprint sensor, FPTS, mounted on Auth On Card, is a proprietary thin capacitance-based area-type sensor.

We have chosen 8 mm x 8 mm as the optimal sensor area for mechanical strength, and taking into account the electrical properties of the smartcard. Although the sensor is very thin, FPTS has a robust sensor surface with an excellent ESD tolerance and mechanical strength.

FPTS photo